About The Restoration Trilogy:

When Jennifer Rushmore accepts a brooding bachelor’s job offer to act as coordinator for the restoration of his family’s historic doctor’s house (White), apothecary (Widow) and log cabin (Witch) in a rural Georgia community, little does she know it’s her own heart that will undergo the greatest renovation. Three stories. Three centuries. Three lessons on the healing of the heart. And one buried mystery that threatens their redemption.


As historic preservationist Jennifer and brooding bachelor Michael restore his ancestors’ historic doctor’s residence in a rural Georgia community, they uncover the 1920s-era prejudice and secrets that caused Michael’s branch to fall off the family tree. Recent graduate Jennifer is determined to fulfill her first professional position with integrity even if her employer lacks a proper appreciation of history. Far more challenging—and sinister—than the social landscape of Hermon are the strange accidents hinting that someone doesn’t want them on the Dunham property. Yet Michael’s and Jennifer’s own pasts pose the biggest obstacles to laying a fresh foundation of family and community. http://www.amazon.com/White-Restoration-Trilogy-Book-One/dp/0990841685/


Jennifer Rushmore has overseen the restoration of Michael Johnson's ancestors’ doctor’s house long enough to work through their initial differences. They’ve begun applying the lessons of family and community learned from the past. Now the apothecary shop discloses a heart-breaking tale circa 1870 Georgia, shaking loose Jennifer’s own carefully suppressed past. She fears that when Michael sees beyond her façade, her tentative steps toward trust and love may disintegrate into rubble. On her journey to forgiveness, Jennifer draws on her new faith and friendships, even as the mysterious accidents clouding her first preservation job escalate into imminent danger. https://www.amazon.com/Widow-Restoration-Trilogy-Denise-Weimer/dp/0997011939/


Having restored Michael Johnson’s ancestors’ house and apothecary shop and begun applying the lessons of family and forgiveness unearthed from the past, Jennifer Rushmore expects to complete her first preservation job with the simple relocation of a log home. But as her crew reconstructs the 1787 cabin, home to the first Dunham doctor, attacks on those involved throw suspicion on neighbors and friends alike. And while Jennifer has trusted God and Michael with the pain of her past, it appears Michael’s been keeping his own secrets. Will she use a dream job offer from Savannah as an escape, or will a haunting tale from a Colonial diary convince her to rely on the faithfulness of his love? https://www.amazon.com/Witch-Restoration-Trilogy-Book-Three/dp/0997011971/

  Praise for The Restoration Trilogy:

  • "White is an enthralling story that won't let you go till the end. Spell-binding ..." -- Heather Blanton, Amazon bestselling author
  • "Some family secrets may be buried for a time -- but the truth will eventually be unearthed. The first book in The Restoration Trilogy ... is an absorbing tale of renewal in the midst of decay. An engaging read with characters that come alive and stories from the painful past that will grip you. Beautifully written and well researched."  -- Elaine Marie Cooper, author of the Deer Run Saga (trilogy) and Fields of the Fatherless
  • "Defies genres. Strong writing, vivid characterization, and a multi-layered plot will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next." -- Carrie Fancett Pagels, author of The Christy Lumber Camp Series, Return to Shirley Plantation and Saving the Marquise's Granddaughter
  • "Engaging Southern fiction" -- Southern Gal Loves to Read
  • "Captivating tale. The past and present portions of the book wove seamlessly together. Recommend ... to those who interested in both contemporary and historical fiction." -- Britt Reads Fiction
  • "Will keep you engaged from the time you pick it up." -- Simple Harvest Reads
  • "Denise Weimer has written a captivating novel that is both contemporary and historical in nature. This well-written story, with enjoyable characters, will captivate readers that enjoy novels with a rich and deep history." -- Singing Librarian Books
  • "What a cracking series it promises to be. ... I want more, more, more! ... White is a fabulous novel and I just could not get enough of it." -- Christian Bookaholic
  • "My only regret ... is that the ending came too soon!" -- Book Bites
  • "...an intriguing story that dealt with some issues that I rarely find in my reading." -- Daysong Reflections
  • "I did not want this book to end." -- Bigreadersite
  • "I loved how this book intertwined past, present and future. Kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next!" -- Red Headed Book Lady
  • "Denise Weimer writes with authority on Georgia. I found myself unable to put this book down. The characters are fantastically written. This book definitely has a little bit of everything in it, history, romance, and suspense. I cannot say enough good about this book and this author. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I highly recommend this book to anyone to enjoys Christian historical fiction, you will NOT be disappointed." -- For the Love of Books
  • "I couldn't put it down." -- A Greater Yes
  • "Hooked from page one." -- Reader's Cozy Corner
  • "Such a delight for this history buff to read ... devoured each page. Filled with a widely varied cast of characters, set in a location rich with history, and taking on some little written about times and events, White is a very interesting look at how the past can affect multiple generations and how faith can carry us through tough times." -- Tell Tale Books
  • "Widow is a firmly-packed, beautifully descriptive tale that flows through a century in the most addictive way, especially for the renovating romantic hooked on supernatural mystery." -- Timeless Christian Romance

About The Georgia Gold Series:

Sautee Shadows, The Gray Divide, The Crimson Bloom,

and Bright as Gold

Journey back to a time when the foothills of Northeast Georgia were scarcely more than a frontier, a summer retreat for the state's wealthy coastal elite, verdant watercolor vistas where the footprint of the Cherokee remained. Where one half-Cherokee, orphaned girl grows up in the shadow of a mystery. Who killed her father, and what happened to the gold he mined from the Sautee Valley? And with whom does she belong, the adoptive farm family who raised her, or her white inn-keeper grandmother?

Forced from the only life she's ever known and molded into her grandmother's idea of a proper young lady, Mahala Franklin finds life in Clarkesville lonely and full of challenges. But there are at least pieces of the puzzle of her past to be fit together, and relationships that will shape her future ... with Clay Fraser, her Cherokee friend who wants to be so much more, with wealthy entrepreneur and competitor Jack Randall, with whom Mahala doesn't dare to dream of more, and with Carolyn Calhoun, unwilling socialite caught between her feelings for two very different brothers.

As the lives of the coastal "summer people" mingle with those of Habersham's natives, a tapestry of love, friendship and intrigue unfolds, a tapestry laced with a brilliant thread that will lure you through all four books of The Georgia Gold Series.

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  Praise for The Georgia Gold Series:

  • " ... a novel as intriguing in its history as it is beautiful in its descriptions.  Sautee Shadows will bring to life an era of travesty and dreams and leave the reader wanting more." -- Roseanna White, author of Ring of Secrets and The Lost Heiress
  • " ... an exciting historical novel, its roots in the forced emigration of southeastern tribes and the story expanding into mystery as the Union divides."  -- Paul Yarbrough for Southern Literary Review, author of Mississippi Cotton
  • " ... reminds me of the works of one of my favorite southern authors, Eugenia Price." -- Brenda Knight Graham, author of Her Name Was Rebekah and On Wings of Song
  • "Sautee Shadows is a rich work of history and heart. ... Step into the pages of this story and you won't want to step out. ... A wonderful offering from a new novelist!" -- Laura Frantz, author of The Frontiersman's Daughter, Courting Morrow Little, The Colonel's Lady, and Love's Reckoning 
  • "Chocked full of history, with dialogue true to the time, characters that intrigue and beguile, and what promises to be an adventurous and exciting journey, this is certain to be an interesting, entertaining series." -- Christy Tillery French, Midwest Book Reviews
  • The Crimson Bloom: "Wartime rigors, loss of love, disruption of lives, and the Confederacy's struggle to survive. It is well written, engaging, romantic and yet realistic. It should appeal to all romantics as well as those who enjoy a Civil War mystery novel." -- Wayne Wolf, Civil War News
  • "Denise Weimer has crafted a sensitive, realistic, and conflict-ridden story that clearly delineates the temptations and struggles of Reconstruction. Add to the conflict a treasure of gold found and secretly used. Bright as Gold is a vigorous, entertaining and engaging story of the mettle required to survive disaster. Notable historical fiction!" -- Viviane Crystal, Historical Novel Society

Bright as Gold: Winner of the 2015 John Esten Cooke Literary Award for outstanding Southern literature!

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Searching for something she cannot define and breaking under the stress as a rising star at The Metropolitan Opera, Grace Galveston travels to Tallulah Falls, Georgia, for a reprieve. In the summer of 1886, Tallulah Gorge, with its multiple waterfalls, spectacular mountain scenery, and lavish resort hotels, was already known as “The Niagara of the South.” Even amid the crowds and excitement surrounding the attempt of an aerialist to cross the chasm on a high wire, Grace hopes to find peace. Unexpectedly, though, the trip sheds light on the secret pain in her heart. Can the blessing of friendship and the possibility of love with a local minister guide her toward healing? Or will their differences and the call of her life back in New York mean even greater heartbreak?

"The best book ever!" - Courageous Words Blog

"Like a visit to ... the post-Civil War South. This novella provided both entertainment and thought-provoking discussion about spiritual matters. Loved reading it - and sad when I finished it." - author Elaine Marie Cooper